Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/5/17

So, I had the Patriots winning today’s Superbowl 35-28. If it weren’t for that missed extra point, I’d have been right on the money. Oh, and just to prove I’m not pulling y’all’s legs, here’s a picture of the pool to prove it…


I’m the third one down, just below Cindy. I know; y’all are thinking that’s not me because there are two “t’s” in the name on the sheet. Well, I assure you that is me. Just ask my wife Janin. Her name is on the sheet as well.

There was never any doubt in my mind New England would pull it off, even after being down by a lot at halftime. And even way more better, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God is going to pull off the most fantastically awesomest miracle ever (my English teachers are rolling over in their graves right now with that sentence). So, what’s the bestest most fantastically awesomest miracle ever? Why, it’s the second coming of Christ, of course! Praise God! Can’t wait!

Went in to visit Ryan a few moments ago, and he was sound asleep. Don’t worry, I didn’t wake him up.

Sleep well young Ryan. Sleep well.

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