Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/23/17

I’m currently on a business trip looking out my hotel window at this magnificent eucalyptus tree. It’s gotta be at least 80-100 feet tall, and its bark is smooth and looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I tried taking a picture, but the window is dirty and it came out blurry (note to self: must tell hotel to clean their windows). God’s creation is nothing short of amazing! All anyone need do is look around to see how beautiful, and abundant, it is. The same goes for miracles. You wanna talk about amazing abundance? Miracles are everywhere…happening all the time. You think those special moments in your life that connect the dots (like puzzle pieces connecting together), and are unexplainable are coincidences? Not a chance! Really, not a CHANCE! Nor by chance. God is doing great things all around you. Look for them…Him. He will reveal Himself to you in many ways… sometimes in mysterious ways. And sometimes just plain as day.

Lord, Thank you for all of the water you’ve been sending us. We’ve sure needed it. But you already knew that, didn’t you. And, you know just how much we’ve needed. Just enough…No more. No less. Thank you for the magnificent eucalyptus tree outside my window that reminds me of your beautiful creation, your majesty, your provision…Thank you for watering it. Please water me, so I may become as majestic, strong and beautiful. Amen

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