Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/8/18

What many might consider the “bad” weather (i.e. rain, wind, snow, etc.) we’ve been experiencing of late, I actually consider good for many reasons. One reason is we’ve needed the moisture to get us out of the terrible drought we were in. Two, it’s been watering all of the plants and making everything green. But, perhaps my favorite reason to like ALL of the water is to give perspective. How can you know relief, if you’ve never experienced the grip of something you consider “bad”? How can you experience deliverance if you’ve not been in chains or bondage? I believe extremes are there to remind us how blessed we are, to remind us who is in control and to stretch us to a deeper understanding of ourselves; a richer depth of flavor as one might say in the foodservice world where I play. I like the rain…

Makes me appreciate that much more the beautiful sunshine we’ve had these past couple of days. It was in the low-mid 70’s today, and is forecast to be warmer tomorrow. I hope Ryan’s enjoying it. He seems to like looking out his window at the birds feeding at their feeders (which reminds me, I’ve got to fill them up again), and the green hills and trees, as well as the blue sky.

Praise God for His perfect weather pattern!

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