Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/9/17 Special Prayer Request

Lynn E. is in need of an extra amount of prayer today. Many of you know that she’s been battling kidney failure and all that goes along with it for many years now. Well, on top of that,  she’s had sciatica for the last week, and it’s pretty bad. But, that’s not all. Today, she was diagnosed with shingles. To quote my dear brother Jeff (Lynn’s husband), “Wow! I know our Heavenly Father really loves us. But wow! It’s beginning to get difficult to understand it sometimes.” Ya think?

Dear Lord, I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all, but what’s up? Will you please reveal the reason you’re allowing this to happen to our sister Lynn, and to Jeff? And, while you’re at it, please heal her…completely. Some relief from all that ails her would be most welcome…to say the least. I ask this in Your wonderful Son’s Holy Name Jesus…Amen

It’s good to be hanging with Ryan tonight (our Thursday tradition). He and I have been praying for Lynn, Jeff and their entire family.

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