Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/29/17 Belated

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I was out of town on business (yes, both Janine and I were OOT at the same time) and I was too cheap to pay for another night’s internet fee, even though it would have been on my company’s dime. Yeah, I’m cheap that way. So, unfortunately you had to go a day without my worthless babble…

What’s nice about going away for a few days (other than Ryan not having to see me) is that it makes the return home all the greater, because I do get to see Ryan. I’m so thankful that while I/we was/were away, he was taken care of so well by his grandparents and nurses. He looked in excellent condition upon my return. Praise God for His provision!

Oh! Ryan would like to wish his Auntie Dana a very happy belated birthday (March 29th)! He hopes she had the best birthday ever, and that she celebrated on and with purpose! Happy Birthday Auntie Dana!!

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