Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/9/17

Our busy world is full of distractions and most of us don’t notice when our prayers are answered. When we ask, it’s important to be ready for the answer, in whatever form it arrives. I’ve always (well, maybe not always) asked the Lord to heal Ryan in His time, and while time passes in between, that He show me what His purpose is for allowing Ryan’s situation to continue. And you know what? God’s shown me things that have happened for His good because of the circumstance Ryan is in; all for His glory. And, that’s what’s important. I’ll say it again and again. Ryan is healed in heaven already, as are all who BELIEVE in the Gospel. So, let’s focus on those who need to hear about God’s love, and let’s proclaim His Word throughout the lands…and, let’s watch God’s perfect plan play out as it was/is meant to…

In the meantime, I’ll continue to pray for Ryan’s healing while here on earth. I’d love to see him walk, talk, sing, dance, play the drums, guitar, run, jump, get married, have children, etc. etc.; just like any other loving parent would want to see their children do and become…

Thank you all for your continued love and support for our son…

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