Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/23/17

What a beautiful day it was today. Not too hot. Not too cold. But just right. Spent a great deal of it outdoors; mostly cleaning the waterfall and planting stuff in the garden. When we added onto the house for Ryan’s wing, I had the contractor build a waterfall. I also had the terrace part of the backyard so I could plant vegetables, etc. I remembered when Ryan was at George Mark, there was a waterfall outside that was soothing to sit by. And, there was a large garden where the chef got a lot of fresh vegetables for the day’s lunch/dinner. There’s nothing like fresh vegetables. There’s a lot of George Mark influence in Ryan’s wing and it’s surroundings. George Mark Children’s House was a pleasant place to stay during a difficult time, and we wanted to be reminded of just how blessed we were to have been able to stay there. God’s provision is amazing!

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