Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/6/17

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Janine and I drove up to Mt. Shasta to watch our nieces’ (yes, multiple nieces) in a high school play production of “Grease”. It was fun to watch and they did a fabulous job (yeah, I’m not the best at giving reviews). Wish Ryan and Jacob could have seen their cousins acting and singing. They would have enjoyed it!

As you know, I watched Ryan on Thursday, and he got a case of the hiccups. The nurse said he had them all night long, and he had them when we left for Shasta. I sure hope he got over them. That’s got to be most annoying. As if he doesn’t have enough going on…

As much as I like it up here in God’s country (as some call it), I’m excited to get back home to give my boy a hug…

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