Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/10/17

Please pray for Ryan tonight. He has a moderately high fever (102), and it can’t go any higher. His nurse gave him some medicine which seems to be working, but we won’t know until the morning if it’s worked completely. Could be just the change in temperature, which has fluctuated over the past couple of days, going from the mid to high eighties down to the mid-low sixties. Heck, it’s been wreaking havoc on me, so I can only imagine how it must be affecting Ryan. Under normal circumstances, Janine and I aren’t the type of parents that worries when our children have a slight fever, or the sniffles or a splinter, but we need to be on extra alert when it comes to Ryan. I think y’all understand. Anyway, thank you for the prayers I know y’all will be sending up on his behalf…xoxoxo

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