Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/11/17

Update on Mark: Mark’s the one I asked you to pray for yesterday as he was admitted to the ER. Please continue to pray for him, and his family. He’s in stable condition, but he’ll have some on-going issues, so some decisions need to be made to help him now and down the road. Your continued prayers for Mark are appreciated.

As for Ryan: Today the Tobii Dynavox technician came to evaluate Ryan, and par usual, Ryan decided to sleep; or shut down to the new person in the room. He was wide awake right before the tech came, and wide awake 5 minutes after he left. Go figure. So, I think what’s best is to rent the machine for a couple of months and play around with it when Ryan is awake and more likely willing to participate. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth a shot…

Also, please continue to pray for him, as his temperature is again elevated (has been for a couple of hours now). As you know, yesterday his temp was elevated for about 4 hours, then it was back to normal until about a couple of hours ago. If history tells us anything, he’s fighting something. We’re just hoping it’s not something we’re going to have to make a trip to the hospital for. That’s always a good time…not!

Anyway, thank you for y’alls’ support. It means the world to us…xoxox

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