Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/16/17

So Ryan’s been in the hospital since Monday with an infection. The bad news is, he’s still in the hospital. The good news is he’s responding well to the antibiotics he’s been given. His temp is back to normal this morning (97.9) and he looks relaxed and rested. Sometimes we all can use some rest, right? Actually, more than sometimes…

Ryan’s room is on the third floor and faces east toward the foothills. Needless to say, he’s got a nice view. I hope he’s enjoying it, because that’s about the only thing good about being in a hospital…well, in addition to the gourmet food. Ha ha! I’m not thinking too clearly because I’ve only had about 4 hours of sleep since Sunday…Yes Shawna, I know; I’m in dire need of a boat load of beauty sleep. Doubt I’ll ever get back on track to that GQ look I was striving for. Is GQ still a thing? Shows y’all how out of touch I am with things…

Anyway, thanks for the continued prayers and well wishes for Ryan. He’s battling this like he’s battled any of his previous trials. With the Lord’s help, he’ll get through this too.

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/16/17

    • Thank you! Hope you all are doing well! Janine and I had lunch with Jeff and Lynn this past Saturday to celebrate all of our April birthdays. It’s always great hanging out with them. Much love. Bret


  1. Praying for Ryan, and also for you and your beauty sleep!😂. Hoping you both get home soon for an extra long nap!!

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