Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/17/17

The bad news is, Ryan’s still in the hospital, and the doctors are considering the possibility of keeping him for another 10-14 days. Ouch! We certainly hope that isn’t the case, because it’s difficult being in a hospital where there is no peace and/or quiet, and the level of care is not what it should be; not because people don’t care about the patients, but because there are simply not enough staff to keep up with the level of care each patient needs, and things get delayed or administered incorrectly, or worse case scenario, not administered at all. So, Janine and I are here for Ryan to make sure he gets the care he needs.

So, the reason the doctors are considering keeping him in the hospital is so they can administer the antibiotics via I V; something we aren’t currently able to do at home. But, it’s not rocket science, and therefore we can either be taught how to do it, or they’ll have to figure out how he can get his antibiotics in a method we can do at home, because we do not want to stay at the hospital any longer than we really have to.

The good news is, Ryan’s responding well to the antibiotics, and his vitals are registering where they need to be.

So, please pray that Ryan continues to progress positively, and that he can go home sooner rather than later. Oh! And that God will heal him completely…soon…

Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/17/17

  1. 😕👎🏻 so sorry! This will not be good for your beauty sleep! Praying you guys get home soon!! Hang in there, Shawna

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  2. Praying for your sweet boy… And I will include him in my prayers each night for a complete healing and peace for the family ❤️


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