Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/24/17

So Ryan’s air bed filler thingy (for lack of better knowledge) decided to go on the blink again. The poor night nurse had to listen to it whirring and making other awful noises throughout the greater part of the morning. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks until we can get this unit fixed (or perhaps have to replace it), but we’ll manage to make sure Ryan is comfortable until it is…fixed, that is.

Thankfully, we have an old mattress we’re able to sub out when such atrocities happen. We are thankful and grateful for this (as are Ryan’s nurses and anyone else who happens to visit his room), and pray for those less fortunate; those who don’t have the luxury of any mattress at all. Thank you Lord!

Hope you all are enjoying a great week on and with purpose! We are! XOXOX

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