Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/10/17

Ryan would like to wish his mom safe and productive travels to South Korea this week for business. Hopefully, she won’t get caught in the line of fire with North Korea. That wouldn’t be good…

So, that means I get the pleasure of picking up an extra shift today watching Ryan. Awesome! I may also get to watch him the rest of the week, since one of our nurses may be called to jury duty. I’ll find out tomorrow morning whether or not he gets placed on a jury.

Ryan’s doing well today. So far, he’s been asleep for the first hour and a half, so we’ll see what kind of mood he’s in when he wakes up. Wait a minute! He’s always in a good mood, so what am I thinking? His mood is fairly predictable; much like the weather forecast in San Diego. I should have been a weatherman (or whatever the politically correct term is for it today) in San Diego, because they get paid a lot of money to say basically the same thing day after day. Don’t think I’d have ever made it as one though, because they are all basically models. The only thing I could be a model for is feet. Have you seen how beautiful my feet are? Neither have I for a few years now because of my gut. Hmm, oh well…

Anyway, I’m gonna watch Ryan sleep. Hope y’all have a great night (or rest of the day depending on what part of the world you live in)…

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