Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/12/17

Ryan has been doing really well since his elevated temperatures last week. Despite warm weather outside, he continues to look comfortable with all vitals normal. Now if God will only cause him to walk and talk and dance and sing and…life would be just that much better…more like amazing really. Though many years have passed (6+), we still pray for Ryan’s complete healing while here on earth. We know Ryan is already healed in Heaven, but it’s our desire and prayer that God heal him now. We will never EVER stop praying for his recovery, because we understand this to be God’s will (Luke 18:1). This is a lesson to be learned by all of us. Never give up praying for whatever it is you desire. God will answer your request in His perfect time. The answer may be “no”, but whatever the answer, it will be the right one. He knows what’s best for you…but ultimately for His Kingdom’s sake.

Lord, Please heal my boy immediately. If, however, this is not your will, please show me the reasons you allow him to remain in his current state. Thank you for showing me many many reasons already. You are amazing, and so are the miracles you’ve shown me. Please give me the strength and courage to continue to pray and hope and dream and watch your beautiful plan unfold. Amen

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