Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/18/17 PLEASE PRAY

This news from my next door neighbor Gretchen…”Holly died this morning. She was alert up to last night when she was having trouble breathing and pain could no longer be controlled on regular drugs. So, the family all said their goodbyes knowing she would sleep under sedation, then this morning she went to be with the Lord.”

This news from one of Janine’s co-workers; a lady I met for the first time while on vacation in England…”My Brother-In-Law Simon drowned this morning while on holiday in Italy, and I need to be with my family to help my sister.”

This news from a friend of mine in McCloud, CA…”Mahri passed away Peacefully in her sleep after a bout with Cancer. Hospice helped to assist making her transition with Dignity.”

I’m at a loss for words. Please pray for the people who remain that are grieving for their loved ones; that God’s love, peace and comfort will overwhelm them. May He grant understanding and answers to what, I’m sure, are some very searching questions. I know I’ve got many…

Praise Him for His perfect plan unfolding right before our very eyes…even though we may not always agree with His timing and/or methods…

Signing off to go and cry now…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/18/17 PLEASE PRAY

  1. So much pain and heartache in this world, yet Jesus told us to be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world! Praising the Lord in the midst of the mess …..


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