Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/28/17

I shoulda put more thought into Ryan’s room when we had it built. Washing all those windows and screens this morning wore me out. Needless to say, I’ll be down and out this next week on a much-needed recovery break…Wake me sometime next month…

Speaking of Ryan…The young man had an excellent day today, despite having the hiccups again. He gets over them relatively quickly…each episode lasts about an hour and a half…Oops! Did I say relatively quickly? That’s not any kind of quickly. How annoying it must be for him. I know how annoying hiccups are for me, and mine only last once or twice (literally)…I have the perfect remedy for when I get the hiccups…Seriously…I’ll tell y’all, but it’ll cost you…

What happens tomorrow is not promised (Proverbs 27:1), so make sure you hug your kids, loved one/s, friend or anybody that looks like they could use a hug. You’ll not only make their day, but I guarantee you’ll benefit as well…

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