Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/2/17

Saw Gretchen (my neighbor) this morning, and she handed me this letter about Holly (her daughter), who passed away last week…

“Team Holly,

Many of you know Holly wears a necklace that says “I am not fine…but it is well with my soul.” We can now report she is fine, both body and soul. After only thirteen hours at the Providence Hospice Inpatient Center, Holly went to be with Jesus. It is finally completely well with her soul. Holly was ready – and the family is comforted in knowing the dying process happened in the best way possible; quickly, comfortably, peacefully, without any pain or shortness of breath. She received excellent comfort care throughout the night and morning…ushering her to be with the Lord. After a courageous twelve-year journey following her initial sarcoma diagnosis…she now has no more tears and no more pain. For us, we are overwhelmed with sorrow but also relieved that the pain is no more and she is with Our Heavenly Father.

In Holly’s “it is well with my soul” binder she left a note that said “for those who miss me…read April 26th in my Jesus Always devotional and remember the better place I’m at.” We’ve pasted this reading below so everyone can be encouraged by it. The family is going slowly, taking time to miss her, remember her, and just to be together. We will follow-up with more information on a service to celebrate her life in the days to come. For now we are grateful for you prayers, encouragement, and love. In the sadness, we are glad you are part of this journey. We mourn with you.

Jesus Always by Sara Young – April 26

“There will be no night in heaven, for the Glory of God gives it Light. You will not need nighttime for sleeping, because your glorified body will always be full of energy. Tiredness is one of the main things people have to contend with in this world, especially as they grow old or sickly. But there will be no fatigue in heaven and therefore no need for sleep. The Glory-Light of heaven is perfect and brilliant without a speck of darkness in it. There will be no sin there – nothing to hide. You will see everything through glorified eyes, as you have never seen before. Colors will be more vivid; faces will be more vibrant. You will be able to look fully into My Face. Your experience will be far better than that of Moses’, who had to hide in the cleft of a rock while My Glory passed by. He was allowed to see only My back, but you will have no such limitations. In heaven, you will see Me face to face – in all My Glory!”

Please pray for Gretchen and her family as they remember their beloved Holly…

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