Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/4/17

JOY   noun:   something that or someone who provides pleasure; a source of happiness

Finished my first official week of being Ryan’s daytime caregiver, and I must say it was everything I always thought and hoped it would/could be. I am truly privileged and honored to have been called to watch over one of God’s most precious creations. I’ve thought that since the day Ryan was born, and think it even more so now that he is in his greatest moment of need.

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not delusional. I expect some weeks will be harder than others. Every week will not go as smoothly as things did this week. But, my heart and soul are into this job more than any I’ve ever had, and I’ll do my very best to live up to and even exceed the expectations of the job with which I’ve been tasked. This will bring a greater satisfaction and sense of accomplishment than any other job I’ve had. I never thought I’d look more forward to a work week than a weekend, but that’s the case. I can’t wait to watch Ryan again next week!



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