Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/24/17

Well, I’m happy to say that we did not…I repeat, did not…fly to Paris this morning. We didn’t win the lottery either, so I guess we won’t be flying ANYWHERE anytime soon…Oh well!

Because of this major disappointment, Ryan and I have been moping around in his room all day. We just haven’t had the motivation to do anything at all. This is so not true. We’ve actually done quite a bit; maybe not by normal people’s standards, but for Ryan’s standards…quite a bit. First, he got a visit from his grandma Sandy who gave him his physical therapy. That was followed by a couple of hours of listening to the soothing sounds of the seventies. That was followed by a visit from by Kristy who brought a reading of the day’s news and some mystery book. After that, Ryan and I listened to more music and watched a few of the TV shows I’d recorded over the past several days…

You know, spending the day with Ryan like this was worth way more than any amount of money we could have won from the lottery? There isn’t any amount of money in the world that could replace a day like this…PRICELESS!


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