Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/28/17

Tomorrow is Ryan’s big day at the hospital…for surgery, that is. He seems to be taking it in stride tonight as he’s been laughing his head off (not literally) for the past several minutes. He always laughs at danger. I really don’t know if that’s true, but it sounded good to write. Anyway, today I’ve been following the doctor’s instructions to give him certain meds and not give him others in preparation for his surgery¬†time of 9:45 A.M. The procedure should only take an hour and a half, and they say he’ll be able to go home afterward. That would be really nice, as we do not like staying in the hospital any longer than we have to. Please pray that he’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight and make it through tomorrow with flying colors.

Jacob had a big day today as he started his Junior year at a new college down in Orange, CA. It’s called Chapman University. I haven’t heard how his day went, but I’m sure he did just fine.

Speaking of doing just fine…I hope y’all are doing just that…fine, that is.

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