Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/29/17

Thank you all for praying for Ryan’s surgery! It went very well, and he was able to come home just a few short hours afterward. To him, it’s like it never happened because he’s his same happy self now. Of course, it might be because of the pain meds he’s on. But hey, we’ll take it…just so long as my boy has that smile on his face.

And, thank you for praying for Jacob’s first day at Chapman U! He called when Ryan was in recovery and told us he had a great first day of school…he likes his teachers, the subjects, etc.

The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful children. I know why he chose Janine to be their mother, but I’m still trying to figure out why I got so lucky…

Y’all are wonderful people, and we are blessed to have you in our lives supporting us on our journeys with your love and support. We pray God’s richest blessing upon you…daily! Have an awesome rest of the week on and with purpose!

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