Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/6/17

So, I have no good excuse for not posting anything yesterday. I was just tired. Well, in my world, that doesn’t cut it. I will giving myself 40 lashes with a wet noodle (as was the lingo used when I was a kid…many many many years ago) and spend 45 minutes in time out after the lashing…

Ryan was a joy to watch today, as he is everyday. He was a little restless for some reason, but managed to settle down after playing some music from the 70’s. Like his father, he likes to get his 70’s groove on. Ever see the scene in Napoleon Dynamite, where N is practicing his dance moves? Well, picture Ryan doing that today. Oh yeah, it was Ryan all right…

It’s cooled down substantially around here…only in the lower 80’s today. I understand there are places such as the Caribbean, Texas, etc. that are experiencing more extreme weather conditions than we have had over the past couple of weeks; conditions like hurricanes, tornados, flooding, etc. I’m sure y’all know someone or someones living in places experiencing these extreme conditions. If you’re not praying for them already, please consider doing so. We’re so conditioned to seeing these things that we become desensitized and sometimes forget to pray. It’s our privilege to pray for the safety and comfort of those affected and/or in the path of destruction. Don’t pass on using your privilege.

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/6/17

  1. Nice day you had with Ryan, going on day 24 with my 21 year old, lots of complications, in LTAC, moved tuesday via ambulance. I pray for strength, faith, courage, today he had time opening his eyes, always special. God bless, I need to be his strength and following Ryan gives hope!


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