Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/10/17

Please pray for Ryan tonight. He’s got a low-grade temp and low oxygen sat. We’ve got him on extra oxygen and have given him an Ibuprofen to stave off the fever. Hopefully, he’ll get some rest tonight and be ready for a great day tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow: He’s got an appointment to get x-rays taken for a remaining kidney stone and whatever else the doctor is looking for. This is in preparation for another appointment he’s got on Wednesday as follow up to the surgery he just had, as well as to schedule another surgery to remove the stent.

So, it’s going to be a busy week for him, and most likely an exhausting one too. Will you also pray for strength and comfort as he faces this barrage of activities? Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/10/17

  1. Lifting Ryan and you up in prayer as requested. That would be an exhausting week for me, either as the patient or the caregiver! May it go smoothly with good results. Regardless, the Lord is right there at your side.


  2. Prayers up Ryan, you are so strong and have been thru so much, my David too, he broke fever and negative on another infection, you got this, god bless our sons with your strength please guide this week, amen kathy


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