Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/11/17

Ryan had a rough go of it today, having temps above 100 for the better part of 6 hours. Just when his temp seems to be coming down, it spikes up again. If it doesn’t come down within the next 12 hours or so, we’ll need to take him back to the hospital, where he’ll most likely be admitted at least overnight. Nooooo! Please pray that his temp comes and remains down at a normal level, and also that his pulse rate comes down. Oh, and I mustn’t forget, his O2 sat is low and he’s been on an oxygen supplement too. So, please also pray that his O2 sat will go back up…on room air.

It’s ben a loooong day, and we don’t want to have another one like it…ever again.

Lord, Please restore my son’s health. Bring his fever and pulse rate down to normal, and his O2 sat up. Thank you. Amen.

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