Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/12/17

Came really close to taking Ryan to the hospital last night at around 11:30. His fever peaked at 103.4, his pulse rate was 118 and ox sat at 88%. Instead of taking him to the hospital, however, we decided to give the antibiotic that we’d given him earlier in the day a chance to take hold, and this morning he is doing much better, although he isn’t out of the woods yet. While his temp and pulse rate are back to normal, his ox sat is still low, and we’ve got him on supplemental oxygen to keep it at a good level. And, in the past when he’s been fighting something, he tends to spike a fever around the noon hour, so we’ll keep a closer eye on him and pray the spike never occurs. Thank you for continuing to pray for him through this journey.

I just looked up, and he’s got a smile on his face. Isn’t that just like Ryan? I love that kid…

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