Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/13/17

It was an excellent day for Ryan. While he slept most of the day (probably from exhaustion of fighting whatever it was he was fighting; note the word “was”), he showed no signs of stress, and his vitals are pretty much back to normal with one exception; his pulse rate is above his base line. But, he looks 100% better than he has the past few days. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. Without you, God might not have unleashed his magnificent grace as quickly as He did. We praise Him for healing my boy!

I’ll leave you with this bit of encouragement. Before you go to bed each night, look around you and pick one thing to thank God for. Despite what you’re going through, there’s ALWAYS at least one thing. It might be a picture on your wall, an extra throw pillow on your couch, a favorite blanket, a half-eaten cookie, a pair of shoes, the shirt on your back, a bar of soap, a pencil, a pair of headphones, a paper plate, a set of car keys, the refrigerator, the fact that you’re alive, etc. etc. etc. etc……..You get the picture. Think about what that thing actually represents, and how it enhances your life. Then, thank and praise God for it. Often times we overlook (take for granted) even the smallest miracles of God’s provision. We need to (must) be grateful for what God’s given us, otherwise we’ll miss out on the opportunity of the blessing even the smallest thing provides. Find the joy in the gifts he’s given us. I guarantee that if you do this every night before going to bed, the things of earth will grow strangely dim, and you’ll sleep a lot better.

Thank Him for just one thing…

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