Ryan’s Miracle Watch Prayer for my friend Tony and his wife Laura 9/14/17

EXHAUSTION   noun:   extreme fatigue, serious weakening and loss of energy


Good Morning Everyone! Tony’s a friend of mine from elementary school (Yes! Elementary school.). His wife Laura is recovering from heart surgery she had a day or so ago, and his comments reflect what so many in this world feel. Perhaps the following post of Tony’s taken from FB may help you understand how to pray for someone you may know who is going through a something similar. Please pray for Laura and Tony, and any others whom God puts on your heart.

“I’ve never experienced exhaustion. I’ve been really tired, nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. But what I’m feeling is different. Because Laura is in the ICU I can’t sleep in her room as I did prior to her surgery. I doubt that I would get quality sleep in there anyway. So I lean in and kiss Laura goodnight, tell her that I Love Her and will be back in the morning and leave her room at 9 pm, making sure I cleanse my hands using the antibacterial lotion outside her door as I leave, then walk thru an almost completely deserted mammoth of a hospital, hearing my shoes giving out a slight squeak with every step I take on the very polished tile flooring. I walk outside and feel the fresh air, for maybe the 2nd time that day, walk across the street to the hospital parking lot, get in our van and drive home.
I’ve already established the quickest route to and from the hospital. But it still seems like quite a drive. Getting home seems to be quicker than driving to the hospital.
Anyways, I get my 6 hours of sleep, but I feel as though I didn’t any. This is what exhaustion is, I guess.
I’m not complaining, I signed up for this 26 years ago when I said ” I do”… this is just the other side of what happens when a loved one is in the hospital. Laura is getting top-notch care and she’s getting better. It is just very tiring. And so very tiring for Laura for what she has been thru. My tiredness can’t come close to hers….yet I am dragging a bit.
So, I’m going to shower now and get going. I want to see if I can talk to her doctor for any updates, as she makes her rounds and see if there were any possible visual improvements, in Laura, during the night. She did so good yesterday. Thank You for all your thoughts and prayers and comments, I read them all and read some to Laura to. We both appreciate your concern. …..catch you on the flip-side!”

Thank y’all so very much for your prayers!!

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