Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/14/17

Well, we finally gave in and took Ryan to the hospital this afternoon. Yesterday, he seemed to be back to normal, but over the course of the rest of yesterday and into today, he started to decline (low-grade temp, low O2 sat and rapid pulse rate). So, once we get to the hospital, he’s not showing any of those symptoms; or at least they’re not as prominent. Chalk it up to Murphy’s Law: Whenever you experience a problem with your car, take it to a mechanic and it will stop. Then, once you drive away, it acts up again.

We will not be tricked by Ryan’s Tomfoolery this time, however. We had blood cultures and x-rays taken so we can figure out what’s really bothering him (there really is something bothering him). We’ll be staying at least overnight, and depending upon what his blood test results are, perhaps more days.

I love the sound of monitor bells, hissing O2 dispensers, overhead HVAC systems, nurse chatter, gurneys rolling and light knocks on the door. It’s enough white noise to put Ryan to sleep. Me on the other hand; there’ll be no need for coffee and/or methamphetamines tonight. I’m wide awake, thank you very much! Well, at least one of us gets to sleep. Too bad it’s not the ugly one. Sleep well my son. Sleep well.

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