Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/15/17

So, Ryan’s got the double-whammy going on. Turns out he has both a UTI and pneumonia which, most likely, will cause a few more day’s stay at the good old hospitality suite at Le Kaiser Permanente. Ahhhh, the luxury of it all. He’s now a diamond member which entitles him to limitless stays (holidays excluded), 2 free cafeteria entrees with the purchase of two soft drinks, medical assistance on demand, an extra bed pan and at least one happy nurse. Ooooo! I’m not even gonna ask what’s behind door number two…

All kidding aside, Ryan is having a rough time and could use an extra dose of prayer power. So please? Would y’all?

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/15/17

  1. Prayers up, you hot this Ryan. Put headphones on my 21yr old son yesterday, 33 days and counting anoxic brain injury, he opened his eyes. He is starting wean vent, god is great. God bless.


  2. Loads of luck for Ryan. I wonder if his antibiotics can sure him of dealing with dad’s humor????? Get well soon Ryan. Stormin’ the heavens for you all!!!!


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