Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/19/17

Ryan’s vitals are not quite stable yet. Hopefully, the antibiotics will work, because I really don’t want to have to take him back to the hospital. He’s needing to be supplemented with O2; something he hasn’t had to have for the past several years. And, even though he’s on it, his sat level is still lower than what is expected. Despite this, he looks good. NOTE: He was sleeping with a smile on his face a moment ago, but when I went to take a picture to post, he made a scrunchy (yes, scrunchy is a word…maybe) face and woke up. Bummer!

No sooner did I finish putting the exclamation point after the word “bummer”, Ryan started laughing. I swear the kid is messing with me. Wish I could’ve captured the moment on film. Oh well. It’s captured in my mind and heart…

Goodnight y’all. Sleep well…


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