Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/20/17

Ryan’s doing much better today, but still has a little bit to go. His temp fluctuates between normal and low-grade, and he’s still got to be supplemented with O2. I did take him off for a few hours today, and for those few hours he did well. Then the sat got lower, so I had to put him back on O2. I’ll try eliminating the O2 sup for a longer period of time tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll do even better than he did today…

He’s dozing off to sleep now. His eye lids are getting heavy. It’s funny; he still does this thing he did when he was a baby. Although he was exhausted, he always fought going to sleep while I was watching him. I would have to close my eyes and be very still for several minutes before he would finally close his eyes for good. Even then, I’d have to crack my lids open just enough to see if he was asleep. If I opened my eyes to quickly, he would hear my lids open (I don’t know how he could hear them) and he’d open his eyes again. So, I’d then have to close my eyes again for an even longer period in order to finally get him to sleep for good. He still does this today. In fact, he’s doing it right now. He sees me typing, so he refuses to go to sleep. He never wants to miss a thing…

That’s actually an excellent trait; not wanting to miss a thing. He’s observant, picking up on even the smallest details; physically, materially and emotionally. He’s sensitive towards others; sensing when something’s not right, and is willing to reach out to anyone in need of an understanding ear. That’s why he’s got so many friends. And, what terrific friends they are…

Well, I’m going to stop now so Ryan can get some sleep. He needs all the rest he can get to continue fighting…

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