Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/23/17 Belated

Couldn’t post last night, because my computer was updating, and it was taking forever. Well, not forever. That would be a long time. Would it be time at all? No, there is no time in forever…

Anyway, Ryan did well yesterday. Only had to supplement his O2 a couple of times. I haven’t heard the machine go on today, so I’m assuming (I know, I know. What happens when one assumes?) he hasn’t needed any…we’re praying. It’s not a bad thing to give supplemental O2. In fact, it may be a good thing every once in a while. It’s just that the machine is so annoyingly loud and cumbersome. Whatever the boy needs, though…

So, today is a beautiful fall day. Sun is shining and it’s about 75 degrees out. I think we’ll watch a little football outside, cause it’s too nice to stay indoors.

We hope and pray y’all have a beautiful day on purpose! Do not pass up enjoying even a single moment…they only come around once…

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