Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/25/17

So, this is the kind of stuff you get from me when I’ve been up for a day and a half. Eh, who am I trying to kid? You’d get this even when I’ve had plenty of sleep…

Today I’ll Exercise

“Today I’ll Exer

Today I’ll







“Thank God I don’t have to hunt for my food. I don’t even know where tacos live.”

“People who ask me what I’m doing tomorrow probably assume I even know what day of the week it is.”

“I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally. I’m just at the liquor store.”

“PLOT TWIST: Maybe eating a donut wasn’t cheating on my diet. Maybe going on a diet was cheating on my doughnuts.”

“People say I act like I don’t care. Spoiler alert, it’s not an act.”

Alright, now that y’alls guts are busting, we want to wish you a wonderful evening and rest of the week. Ours has started out nicely…

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