Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/27/17

Ryan had an amazing day today; spa-mazing day, if you will. This morning, he got to have  a shower for the first time in about 5 years. That’s right, five years. Now, before you go all commando on me for neglecting his hygiene all that time, we did give him sponge baths throughout that time, so he never smelled like Limburger cheese. No, today he got a real bona-fide sit in a chair shower; like the ones he used to get while he was at George Mark Children’s House. You remember that place, don’t you? Anyway, once he was done with his shower, his grandma gave him a massage (aka physical therapy), his mother gave him a facial (aka did some grooming) and he got a haircut (aka a haircut). The end result; a beautiful, completely relaxed young man who napped deeply for 4 hours afterward. That’s right, four hours. I’d have taken a picture, but the “no paparazzi” flag was flying. I’ll try to post one tomorrow. You know? I bet I could get some big bucks for a picture of Ryan sporting his sparkling body and new do; at least enough to purchase a Happy Meal at Micky D’s…

So, to recap: Ryan had a splendid day today. His stats are back to “his” normal, and have been for a few days now. Tomorrow is his last day of antibiotics, and hopefully he won’t have to take any more for a long long time, if ever again.

Praise God for another day! Let’s pray for another one tomorrow. It’s what we do…

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