Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/29/17

Only 12 more Fridays until Christmas. Just sayin’…

Ryan had another good day today. His visitor from an agency called Futures (people who visit, read to, sing to, watch movies with, etc.) brought the Ken Burns documentary about Jazz History. It’s very well done, and Ryan perks up when he hears the music…as do I. I really thing he likes it; at least I hope he does.

Now that Ryan’s back to “normal”, it’s time to start writing some music with him. I’ll need to get a writing program for my computer and learn how to use it. Then, I’ll bring in my keyboard and start writing and playing collaborating with Ryan. I wish I could’ve found what he was writing on his computer, so I could help him finish what he started. Oh well, he’ll just have to do it when he gets better…

For now, we’ll just create some new stuff…

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