Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/20/17

Ryan’s doing much better today, but still has a little bit to go. His temp fluctuates between normal and low-grade, and he’s still got to be supplemented with O2. I did take him off for a few hours today, and for those few hours he did well. Then the sat got lower, so I had to put him back on O2. I’ll try eliminating the O2 sup for a longer period of time tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll do even better than he did today…

He’s dozing off to sleep now. His eye lids are getting heavy. It’s funny; he still does this thing he did when he was a baby. Although he was exhausted, he always fought going to sleep while I was watching him. I would have to close my eyes and be very still for several minutes before he would finally close his eyes for good. Even then, I’d have to crack my lids open just enough to see if he was asleep. If I opened my eyes to quickly, he would hear my lids open (I don’t know how he could hear them) and he’d open his eyes again. So, I’d then have to close my eyes again for an even longer period in order to finally get him to sleep for good. He still does this today. In fact, he’s doing it right now. He sees me typing, so he refuses to go to sleep. He never wants to miss a thing…

That’s actually an excellent trait; not wanting to miss a thing. He’s observant, picking up on even the smallest details; physically, materially and emotionally. He’s sensitive towards others; sensing when something’s not right, and is willing to reach out to anyone in need of an understanding ear. That’s why he’s got so many friends. And, what terrific friends they are…

Well, I’m going to stop now so Ryan can get some sleep. He needs all the rest he can get to continue fighting…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/19/17

Ryan’s vitals are not quite stable yet. Hopefully, the antibiotics will work, because I really don’t want to have to take him back to the hospital. He’s needing to be supplemented with O2; something he hasn’t had to have for the past several years. And, even though he’s on it, his sat level is still lower than what is expected. Despite this, he looks good. NOTE: He was sleeping with a smile on his face a moment ago, but when I went to take a picture to post, he made a scrunchy (yes, scrunchy is a word…maybe) face and woke up. Bummer!

No sooner did I finish putting the exclamation point after the word “bummer”, Ryan started laughing. I swear the kid is messing with me. Wish I could’ve captured the moment on film. Oh well. It’s captured in my mind and heart…

Goodnight y’all. Sleep well…


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/19/17

Ryan started off well today, but his O2 sat level dropped toward the end of it. So, we put him on supplemental O2, which will bring it back up, but hope he can get back to room air soon. The machine noise takes some getting used to, and is not ideal, but you get used to it after a while. I just hope it doesn’t lull me to sleep tonight/this morning as I watch over him. Praise God for providing an O2 machine for Ryan! Without it, I’m afraid he’d be in a whole world of hurt.

Please pray for those who are in need of O2 supplement and don’t have it.

Ryan and I will be praying for y’all tonight…

On a lighter note:

“That moment when your steak is on the grill and your mouth begins to water…

I wonder if vegans feel the same way when mowing the lawn?”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/17/17

I’m too tired to write anything, so I’ll plagiarize what Janine wrote on FB this evening…

“Ryan’s doing really well. So well in fact that he’ll be coming home this evening! Yay!! Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. He’ll still be on antibiotics when he gets home so pray that we don’t have to make a return visit!”

Well, we are actually home now. I’ll be watching Ryan beginning tonight and through Tuesday evening because we’re without a noc nurse at the moment. The one we had left for another job last Thursday. So, until we can get another one and/or we can jostle the schedule around, I’ll be working extra looooonnnnngggggg shifts. I’m not complaining though, because I get to spend more time with Ryan and it’s at home (knock on my wooden head). One major drawback , however, is that all of the years of beauty sleep I logged to get to be as beautifully handsome as I am, will all be gone within a matter of days…really seconds. Eh, who am I kidding? That train left the station years ago…

There’s a shortage of noc nurses out there. Please pray that we’ll (our agency) be able to find a good one for Ryan soon. Thank you…XOXO


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/16/17

Day 3 at the hospital: Well, Ryan looks and seemingly feels a lot better today. The antibiotics are doing their job, and hopefully will continue to do so. We’re cautiously optimistic that if he stays the course, he may be able to leave for home on Monday or Tuesday. That would be nice for him…and us as well…

So, we’re watching the Cal – Ole Miss game. It’s a very close game at the start of the 4th quarter; 17-16 Cal. Oh yay! A 12-men on the field penalty against OM and the Bears get a first down as a result. Woo Hoo! Go Bears!

But, Go Ryan even more!!


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/15/17

So, Ryan’s got the double-whammy going on. Turns out he has both a UTI and pneumonia which, most likely, will cause a few more day’s stay at the good old hospitality suite at Le Kaiser Permanente. Ahhhh, the luxury of it all. He’s now a diamond member which entitles him to limitless stays (holidays excluded), 2 free cafeteria entrees with the purchase of two soft drinks, medical assistance on demand, an extra bed pan and at least one happy nurse. Ooooo! I’m not even gonna ask what’s behind door number two…

All kidding aside, Ryan is having a rough time and could use an extra dose of prayer power. So please? Would y’all?

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/14/17

Well, we finally gave in and took Ryan to the hospital this afternoon. Yesterday, he seemed to be back to normal, but over the course of the rest of yesterday and into today, he started to decline (low-grade temp, low O2 sat and rapid pulse rate). So, once we get to the hospital, he’s not showing any of those symptoms; or at least they’re not as prominent. Chalk it up to Murphy’s Law: Whenever you experience a problem with your car, take it to a mechanic and it will stop. Then, once you drive away, it acts up again.

We will not be tricked by Ryan’s Tomfoolery this time, however. We had blood cultures and x-rays taken so we can figure out what’s really bothering him (there really is something bothering him). We’ll be staying at least overnight, and depending upon what his blood test results are, perhaps more days.

I love the sound of monitor bells, hissing O2 dispensers, overhead HVAC systems, nurse chatter, gurneys rolling and light knocks on the door. It’s enough white noise to put Ryan to sleep. Me on the other hand; there’ll be no need for coffee and/or methamphetamines tonight. I’m wide awake, thank you very much! Well, at least one of us gets to sleep. Too bad it’s not the ugly one. Sleep well my son. Sleep well.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch Prayer for my friend Tony and his wife Laura 9/14/17

EXHAUSTION   noun:   extreme fatigue, serious weakening and loss of energy


Good Morning Everyone! Tony’s a friend of mine from elementary school (Yes! Elementary school.). His wife Laura is recovering from heart surgery she had a day or so ago, and his comments reflect what so many in this world feel. Perhaps the following post of Tony’s taken from FB may help you understand how to pray for someone you may know who is going through a something similar. Please pray for Laura and Tony, and any others whom God puts on your heart.

“I’ve never experienced exhaustion. I’ve been really tired, nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. But what I’m feeling is different. Because Laura is in the ICU I can’t sleep in her room as I did prior to her surgery. I doubt that I would get quality sleep in there anyway. So I lean in and kiss Laura goodnight, tell her that I Love Her and will be back in the morning and leave her room at 9 pm, making sure I cleanse my hands using the antibacterial lotion outside her door as I leave, then walk thru an almost completely deserted mammoth of a hospital, hearing my shoes giving out a slight squeak with every step I take on the very polished tile flooring. I walk outside and feel the fresh air, for maybe the 2nd time that day, walk across the street to the hospital parking lot, get in our van and drive home.
I’ve already established the quickest route to and from the hospital. But it still seems like quite a drive. Getting home seems to be quicker than driving to the hospital.
Anyways, I get my 6 hours of sleep, but I feel as though I didn’t any. This is what exhaustion is, I guess.
I’m not complaining, I signed up for this 26 years ago when I said ” I do”… this is just the other side of what happens when a loved one is in the hospital. Laura is getting top-notch care and she’s getting better. It is just very tiring. And so very tiring for Laura for what she has been thru. My tiredness can’t come close to hers….yet I am dragging a bit.
So, I’m going to shower now and get going. I want to see if I can talk to her doctor for any updates, as she makes her rounds and see if there were any possible visual improvements, in Laura, during the night. She did so good yesterday. Thank You for all your thoughts and prayers and comments, I read them all and read some to Laura to. We both appreciate your concern. …..catch you on the flip-side!”

Thank y’all so very much for your prayers!!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/13/17

It was an excellent day for Ryan. While he slept most of the day (probably from exhaustion of fighting whatever it was he was fighting; note the word “was”), he showed no signs of stress, and his vitals are pretty much back to normal with one exception; his pulse rate is above his base line. But, he looks 100% better than he has the past few days. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. Without you, God might not have unleashed his magnificent grace as quickly as He did. We praise Him for healing my boy!

I’ll leave you with this bit of encouragement. Before you go to bed each night, look around you and pick one thing to thank God for. Despite what you’re going through, there’s ALWAYS at least one thing. It might be a picture on your wall, an extra throw pillow on your couch, a favorite blanket, a half-eaten cookie, a pair of shoes, the shirt on your back, a bar of soap, a pencil, a pair of headphones, a paper plate, a set of car keys, the refrigerator, the fact that you’re alive, etc. etc. etc. etc……..You get the picture. Think about what that thing actually represents, and how it enhances your life. Then, thank and praise God for it. Often times we overlook (take for granted) even the smallest miracles of God’s provision. We need to (must) be grateful for what God’s given us, otherwise we’ll miss out on the opportunity of the blessing even the smallest thing provides. Find the joy in the gifts he’s given us. I guarantee that if you do this every night before going to bed, the things of earth will grow strangely dim, and you’ll sleep a lot better.

Thank Him for just one thing…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/12/17

Came really close to taking Ryan to the hospital last night at around 11:30. His fever peaked at 103.4, his pulse rate was 118 and ox sat at 88%. Instead of taking him to the hospital, however, we decided to give the antibiotic that we’d given him earlier in the day a chance to take hold, and this morning he is doing much better, although he isn’t out of the woods yet. While his temp and pulse rate are back to normal, his ox sat is still low, and we’ve got him on supplemental oxygen to keep it at a good level. And, in the past when he’s been fighting something, he tends to spike a fever around the noon hour, so we’ll keep a closer eye on him and pray the spike never occurs. Thank you for continuing to pray for him through this journey.

I just looked up, and he’s got a smile on his face. Isn’t that just like Ryan? I love that kid…