Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/8/17

It’s 12:30 A.M. and we just got home from attending my 40th High School Reunion. Yeah I know, I’m old. But, look how late I stayed up. Oh wait! I work graveyard, so I’m used to being up this late…or is it early? Anyway, we just went in to visit Ryan, who like the good son he is, is fast asleep. He’s really out, because even though we were talking with the nurse, he didn’t budge an inch. He sure looked comfortable. I’m so happy he can get the rest he needs.

I look forward to seeing him awake tomorrow, so I can tell him all about the reunion. He’ll think I’m old too, but I don’t mind…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/8/17

  1. Whats is this talk about being old. Trust me your not old buddy. I’m old,60 next month. And still working in construction. Advil is great.


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