Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/18/17

As you know, Walter, one of Ryan’s favorite nurses, left just over a month ago to care fulltime for another one of his patients who, if not for Walter making the switch, would have had to have been committed to a home which the family could not afford. As a result, I took over Walter’s graveyard shifts. Well, just yesterday, I received a call from our agency notifying me of Walter’s passing a couple of days ago. Neither I nor the agency know the circumstances surrounding his death. All his sister back east told them was that he had died. Needless to say, we are extremely saddened and shocked by this news, and know that many of you will be as well.

Walter had been with us pretty much since Ryan came home from George Mark Children’s House and had become part of our family. He was generally quiet and unassuming, although he would engage in conversation from time to time. What little he did share about himself was interesting. For instance, you would never know it to look at him recently, that in his younger years he was into the goth subculture; you know, punk rock, black clothing, hair and finger nails, etc. We also got him into following the Warriors and Raiders, and we’d watch and talk about the games together.

Nobody cared more and better for Ryan than did Walter. Whenever I’d relieve him from his shift, Ryan was always comfortable; his bed sheets always in neat order and everything in its place; save a few nicks on the wall where Walter would hit it with Ryan’s wheelchair. Walter had a bit of a vision problem. I won’t be painting over those nicks anytime soon, if ever, as I’ll think fondly of him every time I see them…which will be every day.

Our hearts are sad tonight…

Please pray for those who are left behind who would also be saddened by this news; that God would be comfort and peace to them…and to us…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/18/17

  1. I’m so sorry Bret. Will be praying for comfort for his family, a new nurse for Walters patient, and some relief for you as well! Hugs to all of the Buchanons. Hope Jacob is doing awesome at Chapman!

    The Biekerts

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    • Hi Shawna. I’m sorry to reply so late. I’ve been sleeping on my off hours from watching Ryan. And, I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday (again, due to sleeping), because I know you can’t sleep if I don’t write anything…ha ha! Thank you for your being there all these years for us. And, thank you for all the prayers you have prayed on Ryan’s & our behalf. We love you and Greg and ALL of the Biekert’s. You are soooo kind! Hugs to all of you!! ooooo Oh! And kisses too!! xxxxx

      Jacob is extremely happy and doing well at Chapman. He’s made a ton of friends, is pledging a fraternity, made the club Lacrosse team (I can’t wait to go see him play…that is whenever I am able to get away) and headed in a good direction. He’s really grown up a lot, and we’re very proud of the young man he is becoming. I know you can say that about your girls as well. They are beautiful young ladies and I know they are going to do great things in this world. SIDE NOTE: It’s a good thing they got their good looks from their mother. Hope you have a lovely week on and with purpose. Please tell Greg hello for me…xoxo


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