Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/8/17

Ryan would like to wish his mom and dad a very happy anniversary. 31 years! Wow! You’d never think they’d been married that long by gazing upon their youthful beautifulness…well, the mom anyway…

On another topic, please read the following in support of Ryan’s brother Jacob:

Our son Jacob is raising money for what I think is a pretty worthy cause…men’s health. As a man, I feel obligated to support the effort, because I want…scratch that…I need to be healthy. You don’t want to see my ugly mug with facial hair, so I will be shaving during the month. Fact is, you don’t want to see my ugly mug anyway, so instead of shaving, I’ll be wearing a paper bag over my head. I’ve also donated some money…what I would have used at Starbuck’s this week. Actually, I’ve donated more money than that, because I don’t go to Starbuck’s. Anyway, in the spirit of wanting us men to be healthy, and on behalf of men everywhere, I’m asking y’all to help this handsome young man (obviously he got his looks from his mother) out by donating something. Thanks for listening, and for your support.

Here’s the link to donate:   https://us.movember.com/mospace/13719112

Here’s a pic of Jake and Janine in London…

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