Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/16/17 Special Prayer Request

Please pray for our dear friend Bernard, who will be having surgery tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. PST. Pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands and that there will be a quick, speedy and complete healing and recovery. Bernard has been a friend of our family’s for more than 40 years. Wow! I just wrote that out loud, and it shocks me to no end. Thank you for praying for Bernard.

Dad Update: He’s up and walking on his new knee; although still rather slowly and gingerly (Shazaam! I just thought of some lyrics to be sung to the tune of an old hymn Softly and Tenderly.)

Softly and gingerly my dad is strolling

Strolling on his brand new knee

Must concentrate otherwise he’ll be rolling

Rolling like a black-eyed pea

Go home

Go home

Oh how he’d like to go home

Keep working hard so your knee gets much stronger

Stronger so you can go home

DOH! Not one of my better efforts, I’m afraid…





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