Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/28/17 Urgent Prayer Request for Bernard

Hi All,

I just received the following update regarding our dear friend Bernard. Would you all please pray for him like you’re never prayed before? Thank you!!!

Good Evening,

We got the pathology report back today.  It is cancer. ( Testicular cancer, they are quite sure, but will make a final determination soon ) His treatment plan is going to be reviewed and we will have a better idea of what lies ahead of us in about a week.  He definitely will have chemo, for how long, and the kind of chemo is a bit tricky because of his Sarcoidosis which has greatly compromised his lungs.  We will be doing the hospital Christmas again this year.  This Friday he does more bloodwork to determine if the tumor markers are the same or reduced with the removal of the tumor.  If they are reduced that is a good sign, if not, not so good.  He has small lesions in his liver and spleen and another one on the base of his skull.  Quite a few of them, but very small.  They were sure these were Sarcoid, but with this diagnosis, they have no idea. They are too small to be biopsied.  Sarcoid is not affected by chemo, so if they reduce in size after chemo, it means they are cancer, not sarcoid, which means he will need additional chemo.  If it is just testicular cancer, it was caught early and the survival rate for this type of cancer is very high.

As in all things we give it all to the Lord, knowing He has His best for us, no matter what that might be.  Of course we would love your prayers.  Please feel free to share this prayer request to those you feel it is appropriate.  Of course we are quite concerned because since Bernard is working as a private contractor, he does not have sick leave/pay.  He is worried and concerned about being able to get back to work and provide for the family.  My prayer is that the Lord will give Him peace about this.  His provision has always met all our needs.  Hard for a man to not work and know that he is putting stress on his family and wife.
We love you all so much.  Miss you terribly.  We continue to lift you up in prayer.
With love,

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