Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/20/17

Good News! A new nurse started today, and all indications are she likes working with Ryan and will continue to do so; at least on a part-time basis in the afternoons. At this point, I’m happy to get whatever bit of relief I can. The important thing is Ryan seems to like her, indicated by the fact he did not keep his eyes closed the entire time she was here, as has been the case with most new acquaintances. So, little-by-little the gaps are being filled in. Please continue to pray for a couple of full-time nurses, though. It’d be nice to have a set schedule for Ryan…

On another note: My dad did get to go home today. Yay! It wasn’t easy for him to be in an “old folks home” these past several days. Even though he’s 82, he doesn’t yet fit the mold. Thank you for your continued prayers for him…and for my mom who must care for (put up with) him during his recovery…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/19/17

Got to visit my dad today, and all indications point to his return home tomorrow. He’s been diligent in doing his physical therapy, and he’s up and walking around…slowly, but still…He’s got a way to go, it’ll be nice for him to continue his rehab in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Thank you all for the prayers you sent up on his behalf. Please continue to pray for him.

And, please continue to pray for our friend Bernard; that he’ll recover from his surgery completely, painlessly and quickly. He’s on the mend, but like my father, he too has a way to go.

Dear Lord, We’ve got many people to pray for, and ask that you meet all of our requests; whatever they may be for and for whomever we are praying. Raise Ryan up Lord, so that he may testify to your goodness and mercy. We praise your name for who you are, and give you all the glory! Amen

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/18/17

Got a wonderful gift this weekend. One of Ryan’s former nurses asked to work  on Saturday and Sunday day shift. I took advantage and slept in until 10 this morning. Could’ve slept all day, but didn’t want to waste all that time off sleeping. I’ve got way too many things to check off on my honey-do list. Here’s a list of everything I got done:

On another note, Ryan enjoyed the day with his old nurse. Things are back to normal; if only for a brief moment.  We’ll take it…

Hope y’all’s weekend got off to as great a start as did ours! Blessings to you!!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/16/17 Special Prayer Request

Please pray for our dear friend Bernard, who will be having surgery tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. PST. Pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands and that there will be a quick, speedy and complete healing and recovery. Bernard has been a friend of our family’s for more than 40 years. Wow! I just wrote that out loud, and it shocks me to no end. Thank you for praying for Bernard.

Dad Update: He’s up and walking on his new knee; although still rather slowly and gingerly (Shazaam! I just thought of some lyrics to be sung to the tune of an old hymn Softly and Tenderly.)

Softly and gingerly my dad is strolling

Strolling on his brand new knee

Must concentrate otherwise he’ll be rolling

Rolling like a black-eyed pea

Go home

Go home

Oh how he’d like to go home

Keep working hard so your knee gets much stronger

Stronger so you can go home

DOH! Not one of my better efforts, I’m afraid…





Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/15/17

Here are some quotes that cause me to think. Y’all are a lot smarter than I, so they may not make you think about them as much…

“Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had?”

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight real.”

“What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our heads of how it’s supposed to be.”

“In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

This last one applies to Ryan’s situation:

“Never give up on something you want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.”

I want Ryan to be healed here on earth if it be the Lord’s will, and therefore will not stop praying for this to be so.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/14/17

This Easter balloon has been hanging in Ryan’s room since, well this past Easter. You heard that correctly. It’s been floating in the corner of his room since last Easter. Today, Bob and Sean stopped in for their monthly visit/Bible study, and noticed the balloon, and after laughing about it, they suggested we start a pool to guess how long it will stay afloat; how long before it loses the ability to remain float and touches the ground. Currently, it’s slightly less than half full of helium. Bob guessed April 1, Bret Jun 1 and Sean July 4. Anyone is welcome to join the pool. Just hit reply and let me know what date you’d like and I’ll write it down on the sheet (taped to the wall in the picture). Then, send me $5 in the mail (or more if you’d like to buy my lunch) whenever you get the chance. Your guess will reserve your date, but won’t be valid until I receive your money. The guess that’s closest to the date (on, before OR after) will win the pot (small print: less a healthy commission for the administrator of the pool, which just happens to be me…ha ha. Just kidding). Let’s see how big we can make this thing. And please don’t alert the authorities about this. I’m not sure if it’s legal, and if I go to jail, who’ll watch over Ryan? Actually, it’ll be Bob and Sean who go to jail, since they’re the ones that came up with the idea. Here’s a picture of them in case there’s need of it for a wanted poster…

Thanks for coming today Bob and Sean! You made both our days. May God Richly Bless You Both For Your Kind Deeds!!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/13/17

Ryan and I are watching the Warriors game vs the Magic. I don’t believe in magic, so if magic doesn’t exist, then who are the Warriors playing…nobody. Let’s hope my ridiculous logic has the Warriors winning by a bunch since they’re not playing anybody…

I’m going to put a note into Ryan’s doctor requesting another Topomax dose reduction. He’s been doing so well these past few weeks. Even though I’ve been working 130 hours a week, it’s not that difficult when my patient makes it so easy. He acts like there’s nothing wrong. He’s my hero…

Make it a point to say something nice to at least one person every day this week, and watch what happens. What harm can it do??

Have a wonderful week on and with purpose!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/12/17

Janine will be in Houston all week for business, leaving me and Ryan all by our lonesomes. Woo hoo! Party at the Buchanan’s house. Stop on in for some refreshments, libations, live music and non-stop episodes of Battle Bots, if you dare…

Please pray for Janine’s safe travel, and that Ryan and I will not overdo ourselves while she’s away…Thank you!

Psalm 121:7-8   “The Lord keeps you (Janine) from all harm and watches over your life. The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/11/17

Ryan would like y’all to pray for his grandfather Ray, who is recovering from a complete knee replacement. This is a picture of him (and me) in a rehab facility in Hayward. Despite being on a ton of pain medication, he managed a great smile. Or, maybe that’s the smile of a man that’s just had a frontal lobotomy…Hmmm

Go Raiders!!