Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/10/17

No post yesterday, because I left my computer in the back of my mom’s car. DOH!

So, today, you get double the babble…not really…babble yes, but double no. So, the house and Christmas tree has been decorated. I did my duty and put the lights on, but my lovely wife did the all the rest. It looks most excellent. And, so does the rest of the house, which she also did. I’m very fortunate to be able to gaze upon all of the beauty, all from the comfort of the couch while eating bon bons…well, my sister-in-laws truffles anyway…even better.

Can’t wait for Jacob to come home for the holidays sometime next weekend. Janine will have another pair of hands to help her with all the chores around the house…again, while I watch from the comfort of the couch while eating…let’s change it up a bit…cheddar and sour cream chips and onion dip. Mmm

I’ve decided to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into one holiday that is celebrated 365 days a year (that’s an entire year for all of you mathematical geniuses). So, what should I call this holiday? Can’t call it Thanksmas, because it leaves Christ out, and Christgiving is too dull. Any thoughts?

Whatever we decide to call it, the gist of the holiday is that you thank Christ for who He is, as well as for all of wonderful things He has done; all out of unconditional love and grace. I hope it catches on!

Going to watch Ryan now. Let the celebrating begin!

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