Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/22/17

Love this time of year. Crisp, clean air. And, only two more days until Christmas. Are y’all ready? Of course your ready. That was a dumb question. Whoever said there are no dumb questions, never met me…

So, I was concerned Ryan was going to have another sleepless night last night, as for an hour or so just prior to “normal” bedtime (11 P.M.), he showed all signs of previous sleepless episodes. It wasn’t to be, thank God, as I tried something new; leaving the music on and turning down the lights creating a relaxing atmosphere. It was so calm, it almost put me to sleep. I splashed cold water on my face a couple of times, and managed to stay awake. Good thing…

Once Ryan did get to sleep, he did so until 10 this morning. He even slept through his shower. Speaking of showers, we could use more precipitation…


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