Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/3/17

Got a pleasant surprise this week. Had a couple of fill-in nurses for a few shifts. It was nice having a couple of shifts off during the week. One nurse will cover the day shift tomorrow, so I’ll get more time off. I’m hoping to be caught up on some much-needed sleep. It won’t help in the beauty department, but it will sure do a lot for my stamina. I’ll be ready again for 130 hour weeks. Please continue to pray for a couple of fulltime nurses. It sure would be nice…

Also, would you please add another person onto your prayer list for the healing of cancer? His name is Fred, and he was just diagnosed with cancer. The doctors say there’s a 70% chance they can operate and take it out completely…no treatment afterwards. He’ll be having surgery in a week or so to remove a tumor. Let’s pray that God will place Fred in that 70% aisle, and that he’ll be completely cancer free!

Thank you all for being the prayer warriors you are! God moves as a result of prayer…

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