Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/4/18 Update about Luke

Posted today on Luke Souza’s Caring bridge site:

Today Luke had his second round of his chemo treatments of the chemo drugs ABVD.  The dr. did say that his white blood cell count is low and he needs to stay away from crowds or going out in public, somewhat be isolated. She said Influenza A is rampant right now, and if he gets a fever of 100.5, he is to go straight to the local hospital emergency.

If the tumor responds well to the treatments, (which we think it is because his symptoms have improved after one round), then they will most likely stop the Bleomycin chemo drug so that they can then give him Neulasta shots to boost his blood counts.  Guess you can’t be on both of those at the same time. Medicine fascinates me and I wonder how they figured that out.. in a laboratory or as trial and error on patients (hope not)??  Thank you scientists, researchers, and intelligent people for all your hard work and using your God-given gifts and talents to improve the treatments and bringing healing to more and more people each and every day.

Luke’s mind set and attitude about this are great, and he is still gaining weight.  yeah!  The steroids helping with that!  🙂

Have a good day and thanks again for your positive thoughts and prayers!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Luke….and Bernard and Ryan! And, for all those whom God places on your hearts!

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