Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/8/18

Ryan and I are getting ready to watch the Warriors/Nuggets game which will start in about a half an hour. Ryan’s got his Warriors gear on from head to toe (pillow case to socks). The blanket is not Warriors, but the colors are close…and we’ll give it to him because it’s CAL. Go Bears! And, GO WARRIORS!

Some funny definitions to begin the new year:

Coffee   noun: The person upon whom one coughs

Flabbergasted   adj: appalled by the amount of weight you have gained

Abdicate   verb: to give up all hope of having a flat stomach

Esplanade   verb: to attempt and explanation while drunk

Gargoyle   noun: gross olive-colored mouthwash

Flatulance   noun: emergency vehicle that picks you up after being run over by a steamroller

Balderdash   noun: a rapidly receding hairline

And my personal favorite…

Lymph   verb: to walk with a lisp



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