Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/11/18 Update about Luke

Posted today on Luke Souza’s Caring Bridge site:

Luke had a follow-up with Dr. Kankipati today and blood draw.  The blood work came back good! YEAH!! 🙂 He is no longer neutropenic, so he wants to eat sushi for dinner.  He has been going a bit stir crazy staying home so much, but overall is doing pretty darn good.  She said he can cut back on the steroids because he has been feeling a bit restless which is a side effect from them.  They definitely increased his appetite and helped him gain his weight back which is great.  In February he will have a Scan to see if the tumor as shrunk enough so that they can remove the chemo drug, Bleomycin. It is hard on the lungs and so they would like to remove it if they can. His hair is starting to fall out so he might be shaving it soon.  He is looking forward to getting out this weekend now that his numbers are good but the dr. warned us that the flu season is still very rampant so everyone be careful!

Thanks again for all your prayers.. they are working!

Blessings, Vickie and family

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