Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/14/18

Tomorrow, I’m going to take away the last dose of Topomax; which, if there are no adverse affects for a couple/few weeks, will mark the successful elimination of yet another of Ryan’s meds. Please pray that Ryan will show no adverse signs…

His big toe is still sensitive since he had the ingrown toenail removed last week. Thanks for that, Mr. Obvious. It’ll take a while for it to heal. Again, thanks M.O…Anyway, we soak it in Epsom Salts a few times daily so it will sooth the pain and help it to heal. Ryan is tough, and seems to take it well…with the help of medicine. Please pray that underneath his calmness, that he really is feeling no pain. My biggest fear is that he is uncomfortable in any way.

Please Lord, I pray you’ll be Ryan’s comfort, and allow no discomfort to befall him. And, please make him whole while he sleeps tonight. I/we ask this Jesus’ Most Holy Name…Amen

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